National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) Security and Resilience Challenge


Through the NIPP Security and Resilience Challenge, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, in partnership with the National Institute for Hometown Security, provides an opportunity for the critical infrastructure community to help develop technology, tools, processes, and methods that address immediate needs and strengthen the long-term security and resilience of critical infrastructure.

The Challenge is unique in that it helps identify and fund innovative ideas that can provide technologies and tools to the critical infrastructure community that are ready or nearly ready to use.  Projects funded under the NIPP Challenge are meant to not only have tangible, near-tern results so they can be quickly developed and implemented, but to also be financially, practically, and logistically sustainable in the long term so that they can enhance the security and resilience of critical infrastructure across multiple sectors for years to come.  These ideas, due to their innovation and research, can be risky, but are likely to offer important benefits to the critical infrastructure community.