Study of Foreign Availability of Chemicals in the US Supply Chain

Commercial Facilities

3D Finger and Palm Print Scanner

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems in the Dam Sector

Optical Intrusion Alarm


Mobile Information and Telecommunication Operations Center (MITOC)


Response of Curtain Wall in Architectural in Envelopes

Waterborne Threat Interdiction Utilizing Underwater Impulse Generation pidly Deployable System


Emergency Services

Incident Management and Decision Support System (Health)

Incident Management and Decision Support System

XChange Core Middleware for First Responder Interoperability



Blast Protection for Power Transformers

 Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems Used in Critical Infrastructure

PCIRS: Portable Community Resiliency System


Food and Agriculture

Animal Health Sensing and Surveillance

Milk Transport Security Optimization

Natural Antimicrobials to Mitigate Biological Threat Agents

Optical Detection of Microbial Contamination in Food Matrices

QuCHERS Technologies for Detection of Threats to the Food Supply

Reducing Explosion Potential of Ammonium Nitrate (ANFO)


Healthcare and Public Health

Risk Assessment for Telemedicine/ Telehealth Systems

 Animal Health Sensing and Surveillance

Transportation Systems

 Highway Bridge Standoff Measurement System 

North American Transportation Security Center


Water and Wastewater Systems

Response and Recovery Operations in Contaminated Water Systems

Studying Water Hydraulics to Improve Water Utility Operational Decision Making